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100% Bamboo Baby Wet Wipes 20 Pcs

Aiwibi environmentally friendly and biodegradable baby wet wipes take use of  top quality spunlace non-woven fabric with our unique formula. FDA & GMPC certified manufacturer, 100,000 class purified workshop, dust-free and disinfection production environment.
  • Item no.:

  • Pack Color:

  • Carton Size (L*W*H):

    20 pcs-40*37*27 cm/80 pcs-34.5*33*29 cm
  • Loading qty/40HQ:

    20 pcs-1566/80 pcs-2142
  • Loading qty/20GP:

    20 pcs-672/80 pcs-944
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  • Promotional Support:

    AIWIBI Brochure | Wall Poster | Hanging Board | Showcase | Note Paper | AIWIBI Balloon | AIWIBI T-shirt etc.
  • Raw Materials:

    Spunlace Non-woven Fabric + Formula
  • AIWIBI Markets:

    Hot selling in more than 50 countries including Australia, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, China, Dubai, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar.

100% Bamboo Baby Wet Wipes 20 Pcs

AIWIBI biodegradable bamboo baby wipes are eco-friendly unbleached and ultra-soft to clean and leave your baby’s skin feeling silky smooth.

100% Bamboo Baby Wet Wipes 20 Pcs

Item No
Size (cm) Weight (gsm)



Carton Size (L*W*H)

15*20 50 20pcs 40*37*27cm 96
15*20 50 80pcs 34.5*33*29cm 24

Item No
N.W( kg/ctn) G.W (kg/ctn)

Loading Quantity (Ctns)

BW20-5 13.6 14.2 1566(40HQ) 672(20GP)
BW80-5 12.6 13.2 2142(40HQ) 944(20GP)

Biodegradable Degree Baby Wipes

① Natural bamboo fibre

② Filtering by machine

③ Automatic washing

④ Precise filtration

⑤ Oxidation modification

⑥ High temperature and high pressure purification

Portable Bamboo Baby WipesBamboo Nature Baby WipesNatural Plant Extract Organic Bamboo Baby Disposable Wet Wipes


-100% biodegradable wipes.
-100% bamboo spunlace non-woven fabric.

-Skin friendly and naturally antibacterials

-Super soft wipes to give comfort for babies

-Eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo materials

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