AIWIBI,belonging to Australia Aiwibi Baby Care Pty Ltd & Yifar Industrial and Trading (Fuzhou) Co.,Ltd, is specializing in providing the best products for babies. AIWIBI aims to provide more meticulous care for your babies, which has become the main motivation to drive AIWIBI moving forward.
From the beginning, AIWIBI has been devoting to improve reputation and product innovation. AIWIBI is not only a brand, but more importantly, represents the attitude toward the responsibility in the improvement of babies' safety and all aspects of care.
For years, AIWIBI has been maintaining the philosophy that all babies are deserved to be cared for meticulously, enjoying pure love without any harm and danger. In order to realize this philosophy, AIWIBI is doing all to understand the world of babies, identify babies’ needs in the way of being professional, and maintain the high quality and comfort of the products. For instance, AIWIBI Baby diapers & baby pants have passed the clinical test by Dermatest as "Excellent" in Germany, which takes the top-quality testing standard globally from the perspective of safety. Furthermore, it has been certified to the ISO9001, CE, GMPC, FDA standards.
AIWIBI is on the way to be your first and best choice by always offering more than your expectation.
Meticulous care for newborns!

‘Babies need a more meticulous care!’, it is the deepest feeling of Jenifer’s long career. As an experienced newborn care specialist, Jenifer knows more about how vulnerable a newborn is and the importance of health to a small baby than anyone. Therefore, when she was free, she always spends much time in studying baby products on the market, looking for those which can meet her philosophy in ‘meticulous care’. Because of her specialist in baby products and newborn care, she also served as consultant for several baby products companies, assisting in the development of baby products. In 2013, Jenifer started her own business with her friends in Hong Kong, concentrating on developing nursing products.

After giving birth to her daughter, Jenifer’s heart was filled with a special feeling, including both a mother’s love for her child and a newborn care specialist’s special emotion to newborn baby. This feeling deepened her understanding of the concept ‘meticulous care’, raising her requirement of the quality, safety and comfort of baby products further. She found that her company’s existing baby products could not satisfy her, therefore she back to Australia, reorganized a development team to focus on improving and developing baby products with tougher standard, and founded the brand – Aiwibi. This brand not only contains Jenifer’s love for her daughter and special emotions to newborn babies, but also her philosophy in ‘meticulous care for newborns’. She wishes to pass on her feelings and philosophy to others through the brand, so that more newborn babies can receive a more meticulous care.