>    Excellent Quality

Our products have been certified by Dermatest, an internationally renowned institution in Germany, which tests products for dermatological tolerance (the reaction of skin to a product) with 40 years history, offering reliable results. We are very proud that our products have completely passed the tests which correspond to the highest international standards.

>    Competitive Price

We are offering the best products to our customer, we wish our products can provide a meticulous care to as many babies as possible. Therefore, we don’t want our products to be expensive to ‘scare’ our customer off. Instead, we want our products to be affordable for most people, ‘cheap but high quality’ is always our target. We are doing so by taking effort to controlling the cost and increasing the production efficiency, using advanced production machines, sourcing the materials directly from origin, making investment in manufactures worldwide.

>    Easy to Start your Own business

No minimum order requirement, No extra costs for package design and manufacture. You don’t need to spend too much time and money on products design and development, you only need to focus on marketing operation and sales. It is easy for you to start your business and penetrate the market smoothly and successfully.

>    Constant Innovation

Our core values are innovation and service. We have more than 20 talented R&D groups constantly developing new products to satisfy your target marketing demand. Our R&D inspiration comes from baby care specialists and customers’ feedback. We will also adjust the content of R&D according to the feedback from our Marketing Department to ensure that the products can meet the needs of your target market as well as possible.

>    Brand Awareness Promotion

We are now promoting our brand through various platforms, including social medias such as Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. We are also planning to promote our brand in different countries through such traditional medias as advertising on TV, broadcasts and newspapers.

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