Premium Baby Diapers

Disposable Premium Baby Pull Ups With Super Absorbenct Capacity

Premium aiwibi baby pull ups achieve great quality mainly contributed to taking the top brand materials as Sandia SAP from Japan and Weyerhaeuser fluff pulp from USA, and following up high standard of manufacturing process control.
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  • Length:

  • Width:

  • SAP (g/pc):

  • Weight(g/pc):

  • Certificates:

    Dermatest、CE 、FDA、 ISO、GMPC、SGS
  • Materials Suppliers:

    Weyerhaeuser Fluff Pulp - USA | Sandia SAP - Japan | Adhesive Glue from Germany
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    AIWIBI Brochure | Wall Poster | Hanging Board | Diaper Showcase | Diaper Models | Note Paper etc.
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    Hot selling in more than 50 countries including Australia, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, China, Dubai, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar.

Disposable Premium Baby Pull Ups With Super Absorbenct Capacity

Disposable AIWIBI Premium Baby Pull Ups With Super Absorbenct Capacity

-Q shape, pant-style diaper.

-Hot air-laid super tender topsheet baby pants.

-High absorption & super-dri.

-Ultra-soft finishing touch baby pants.

-Breathable, waterproof & soft backsheet.

-Elastic leg cuffs to prevent side leakage.

-Efficient ADL layer to increase spreading urine.

-Colored indicator to show wetness.

-Top SAP supplied by Sandia Japan.

-Best fluff pulp from Weyerhaeuser, USA.

Item No
Size Length Width Baby Weight Weight SAP
M 480mm 400mm 6-11kg 33.0g 9.0g
L 500mm 400mm 9-14kg 36.1g 10.0g
XL 520mm 420mm 12-17kg 37.3g 10.5g
XXL 540mm 420mm ≥15kg
39.5g 11.0g

Small Pack 11 pcs 10 pcs 9 pcs 8 pcs
Medium Pack 26 pcs 24 pcs 22 pcs 20 pcs
Large Pack 48 pcs 44 pcs 40 pcs 36 pcs

High Absorption Baby Pants

① Wetness Indicator:

Turning from yellow to green indicates that the diaper is wet and it needs replacing now.

② Composite Backsheet:

The backsheet includes two parts: soft non-woven fabric and waterproof PE film sheet, so that it can prevent leakage while having soft touching.

③ 3D Leakage prevention channels:

Ergonomic design to effeciently prevent urine leakage from both sides.

④ Topsheet:

Super-soft materials to make babies feel comfortable.

⑤ 360°elastic Waistband:

The waistband is stretchable for comfortable fit.

Soft Skin Baby Pants

Non-woven Fabric Baby Pants

① Topsheet:

Ultra soft non-woven fabric provides the best comfort for babies.

② ADL ( Additional Diffusion Layer):

To help fast diffuse urine, then to make surface stay dry.

③ Core Absorbent Layer:

It is super thin and ultra light. Using top brand SAP and surrounded by absorbent tissue paper, it has strong absorption capacity.

④ Backsheet:

Combining breathable non-woven fabric and waterproof PE film sheet, it is super soft and effeciently prevent leaking from backside.

AIWIBI is to give the best care for babies by offering the premium products.

At AIWIBI, we are working hard in sourcing for the best quality materials worldwide to create the best care for babies at any possibility.

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how to use diapers

Put your hands through the leg opening sand stretch out the diapers.

Put Baby's legs through the leg holes at one time.

Pull the waistband up above baby's navel.Check abdomen and legs to make sure no folds inside.

Break the side of the Baby Pull & Slip Ups.

Stretched the elastic waistband and lowers the Baby Pull & Slip Ups.

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