How to Avoid The Trouble of Baby Urine Leakage Dec 31

Why cause urine leakage and how to avoid it ? The reason can be explained as follows .

1.Inappropriate Size, too big or too small baby diapers, it is much easier to cause urine leakage.

How to choose the correct size? When choosing the size of diapers, mothers not only consider the corresponding diapers based on  baby’s weight but also based on baby’s body shape.

2.Wrong way of wearing, elastic waistband and side leakage prevention guard not organized well , and diapers not wear symmetrically also cause urine leakage.

What’s more , using diaper for too long, the urine volume is too large, beyond the tolerance of the diaper, and the baby's movement range is too large, also causing urine leakage.

3.Observe the urine indicator and replace it in time. Because the capacity of the diaper has reached its maximum ,it is much easier to cause urine leakage .

4.There are two reasons for urine leakage from the backside.One is that the size is too small, and the diapers are short and the baby’s butt cannot be covered well , so urine will leak from backside .

5.There are also two reasons for urine leakage from two leg sides : One is that the size is too large, and the baby's legs are thin, so it is much easier to urine leakage . The second is that the elastic leak guard is not well organized .

It is very important to choose soft, breathable, dry and super absorbent diaper for baby. AIWIBI super soft & breathable diaper is simulating the baby’s activities and sleeping state, effectively preventing the baby’s urine leakage under different conditions. The elastic waistband and leak guard system can better fit baby's body shape . The hot-air surface of baby diaper is super soft, skin-friendly and breathable so that the surface of the diaper always tends to be dry and refuses to be stuffy. Let the baby sleep well all night and the mother can be much happier .