Key Points of Regular Epidemic Prevention for Babies Mar 22

Noting the complex COVID-19 situation and the arduous task of preventing rebounds, the general public should stay vigilant against the epidemic and enhance their awareness of personal protection. As a key population, infants and children should pay special attention to take effective protection measures.

1. Wearing a Mask

Masks should be worn in hospitals, confined spaces and densely populated places. Parents should pay close attention to their children’s wearing of masks at all times. If their children feel uncomfortable such as breathing difficulties while wearing masks, they should adjust or stop using masks in time.

2. Stress on Hygiene

Babies should keep their hands clean, and their stuffs, toys and tableware should be disinfected regularly. Parents should wash their baby’s hands under running water with hand sanitizer or soap. When there is no running water, hands can also be washed with quick-drying hand sanitizer. Infants and toddlers should use special disinfectant tissues or baby wet wipes.

3. Minimize Personal Contact

Parents should take their babies less to crowded, public places and confined spaces, and keep a social distance of at least one meter from others when going out. In addition, go to indoor playgrounds and other public entertainment places less often, and pay attention to washing hands after going to public places or touching public facilities, and avoid rubbing eyes, nose and mouth with hands.

4. Improve Physical Fitness

Parents and babies can choose open parks for appropriate outdoor activities, or indoor sports to enhance resistance. More importantly, parents should ensure that the baby has a balanced diet, with adequate daily intake of high-quality meat, eggs, milk and beans, appropriate amounts of fresh and clean vegetables and fruits, and plenty of water.

5. Manage Mental Stress
Parents should be patient enough to listen to the children’s concerns and give them more attention and love. Besides, parents should also help the children

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