Misconceptions about Baby Diapers Mar 29

1. Baby diapers are too thick and stuffy.

Parents always worry that diapers are so thick that they will make the baby uncomfortable, especially in summer. But in fact, the diapers are not as thick as most parents think. Taking AIWIBI baby diapers as an example, they are designed with ultra-thin and skin-friendly surface layer with strong absorbency, so as to make the baby feel more comfortable.

2. Red butts caused by baby diapers.

Red butts is a widely concern among parents and they are inclined to blame it on the diapers. Actually, the reason for red butts doesnt lie in the diapers, but because parents do not change the diaper and clean the baby’s butts in a timely manner. In this case, babys urine and feces will keep direct contact with their delicate skin for a long time, which can lead to red butts or other skin problems.

3. Diapers will affect the development of baby’s legs.

Many parents hold the view that wearing diapers are more likely to cause baby’s o-shaped legs, which is another misconception about baby diapers. As a matter of fact, babys o-shaped legs are caused by the posture of the fetus in the mother’s womb and will naturally correct itself during the baby’s growth. In addition, AIWIBI premium baby diapers are made of ultra-thin materials, which will not exert too much pressure on the baby.

4. Wearing diapers affects baby’s defecation.

Some parents always think that it is wise to train their babies to defecate without wearing diapers, which is actually not desirable. For the reason that their organs and muscles are not fully developed when they are young, and they are unable to control defecation. At this period, it is necessary to use diapers so that both parents and babies can be relaxed. When the baby grows up, they can learn to take off diapers and train their own defecation.

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