Americans Toss 20 Billion Diapers Per Year. This Seaweed Version Could Change That
Source:Fast Company | Author:ELIZABETH SEGRAN | Publish time: 2019-10-22 | 1847 Views | Share:


The invention of the disposable diaper was a godsend to new parents. It’s hard enough dealing with the grueling schedule of round-the-clock diaper changes, let alone pinning and hand-washing cloth diapers. Brands like Pampers and Huggies really did parents a solid by inventing diapers that could be conveniently thrown out.

But of course, there’s a flip side: Disposable diapers also come with a massive environmental footprint. On average, 
20 billion disposable diapers are thrown out in the United States every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s the equivalent of 3.5 million tons of waste. And modern diapers aren’t just made of paper and cotton, but also plastic polymers that soak up and trap fluid, plastic outer shells that keep the diapers waterproof, and chemicals like bleach and perfumes that mask the smelliness. It’s unclear how all of these materials and chemicals impact a baby’s health