Skin Care for Children: Protect your child's tender skin in THOSE easy ways
Source: | Author:Olivia Sloane | Publish time: 2018-10-29 | 365 Views | Share:

As the weather changes, so will the requirements of your child’s skin. Start a skincare routine early so that you child gets to enjoy healthy and nourished skin.

Take a shower every single day
It is important to teach children the basics of hygiene. Find mild soaps and body cleansers that can be used by your child in the shower. Even a quick shower before leaving for school can cultivate good hygiene manners.

Face washing
Soaps can be irritating to the skin of a child’s face. Buy them a mild face wash or let them clean their face every night before going to bed with lukewarm better. It’ll keep their face clean of any dirt and grime.

Moisturize your child
Parents often skip this stage since they feel that the child’s skin doesn’t need moisturizing and can hydrate itself on its own. That’s incorrect. Moisturize your child at least once a day to prevent drying and chapping of skin. It’ll also make them smell wonderful!

Use sunblock
A child’s skin is especially sensitive to the harmful UV rays of the sun. since kids spend a good deal of their day outdoors, slather their exposed skin with sunblock. This will prevent sunburn, rashes and tanning.