Suggestions for Selecting Baby Diapers Mar 08
1.Suitable for Baby’s Body Shape
It is very important that the safe and skin friendly diaper fits the baby’s body shape well, which can not only ensure no urine leakage, but also let the baby move freely. Parents should choose the appropriate size according to their baby’s weight and pay attention to whether there are gaps or ligature marks when the diaper is worn correctly. It is recommended to choose diapers with elastic waistband and stickers, so as to give your baby a better comfort after meals or pooping.
2.Soft Surface Layer 
The surface of the diaper is directly attached to the baby’s butt, and it is necessary to choose diapers featured by skin-friendly and soft, so as to prevent babies from the damage of skin for long-time wrapping and fraction. In addition, parents should take the material and touch of the surface layer into consideration when choosing baby diapers. It is recommended to choose diapers made of super tender non-woven fabric to ensure the best comfort for the baby.
3. Excellent Absorbent Layer
The problem of diaper rash caused by long-time contact between baby’s urine and skin can be prevented when the baby diaper has excellent absorbency and infiltration. Parents should pay attention to the composition of the absorbent layer when selecting diapers, whether there is enough rapid absorption process. It is recommended to choose diapers equipped with ADL(Additional Diffusion Layer) which is able to diffuse urine rapidly so as to keep the surface of the diaper and baby’s skin dry.
4. Breathable Without Reverse Seepage
The baby’s urine and feces are discharged from the body with heat, hence it is necessary to choose good breathable baby diapers so as to discharge stuffy moisture from the diapers and make the air flow. At the same time, in order to make the baby more comfortable, non-infiltration is also to make the baby have better comfort, it is necessary for the diaper to have a better infiltration and water retaining ability without reverse seepage to keep the baby’s skin dry and clean .

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