The Front Waist Stickers & Magic Tape of AIWIBI Diapers Dec 27

AIWIBI breathable & soft baby diapers keep insight into the new demand of the mother and baby care market . It has been committed to providing babies with high-quality baby products and giving them meticulous care. As we all know, baby’ skin is very delicate and sensitive. It is important for mothers to choose suitable and soft  diapers for their babies. In the mother and baby care market,we can see that some of other brands use PP tape and the texture is hard and not easy to stick repeatedly. It is much easier to scratch the baby's skin. What’s more , the softness is not good, and the glue is easy to emit chemical smell, which is bad for baby’s health . The sticking area is shorter and narrower obviously insufficient for the fit of a slightly fat baby, and even cause the problem of diapers falling off when baby is moving .

AIWIBI diapers continue to innovate according to baby care market’s demand. The magic tape of AIWIBI baby diaper adopts 3M material, which is soft and can be pasted repeatedly. The sticking area is longer and wider, which fits the baby's body shape better. The front waist stickers is composed of double-layer crescent-shaped non-woven fabrics, which is softer and more comfortable for baby’s sensitive skin. Some of other brands in the baby care market use a mesh front waist sticker, which is composed of a layer of plastic film and woven cloth, which is hard to touch and more likely to scratch the baby's delicate skin. In short , AIWIBI baby diaper’s front waist sticker is more comfortable and softer .  Also ,the sticking area is longer and wider to fit baby’s body shape better . (As Shown Below)