The Trend of Popular Baby Products Oct 08

Nowadays, with the improvement of consumers' purchasing power and the continuous upgrading of scientific child-rearing concepts, the young people who were born after 1990s prefer to buy higher quality products.  Most families are willing to spend money on more safer, more reliable products for their babies.  It is reported that the price of products labeled "children only" can be up to 10 times that of similar ordinary products.

Baby's skin is delicate and sensitive, and therefore more and more mothers will pay attention to the safety of products with the natural & non-irritating ingredients . According to market research data, 80% of users are interested in the comfortable and soft baby diapers with natural and non-chemical materials . Product quality is the highest priority, but many entrepreneur are keenly aware that it is hard to impress the new fashion mothers by relying solely on product quality.  Therefore, more and more baby products not only meet premium product quality, but also begin to focus on product appearance design. Aiwibi baby diapers not only have comfortable and safe material but simple and generous appearance. The combination of function and appearance is deeply loved by more and more mothers

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