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BPA-FREE Baby Feeding Bottle with Flexible Straw Design Allow 360° Drinking 180ml

Aiwibi baby feeding bottle use safe and reliable baby bottle materials. Their wide-necked bottle design makes cleaning easier. The soft silicone breast-like nipple design gets close to the skin and curves to provide comfort during feeding and support during the transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding. Air is exchanged through a vent in the bottle nipple cap to balance the pressure, effectively reducing symptoms of flatulence, hiccupping, and vomiting.

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    Cover/screw cap/joint/tip cleaner: PP
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    Class A
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    Silica gel
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    Popularly sold in more than 70 countries including Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, lsrael, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, India, lraq, Guinea, Nigeria, and many more.

BPA-FREE Baby Feeding Bottle with Flexible Straw Design Allow 360° Drinking

Natural Plant Enzymes Deeper Clean Baby Laundry Liquid

- Multifunctional Baby Feeding Bottle.
- Breast-like Nipple.
- Anti-Gas.

- 360 Degree Gravity Ball.

Item NO Net Content Packing CTN Dimension
FB180-1 180ml 180ml*60PCS 48.5*37*55cm


Loading Quality(Ctns)

10.7kg 11.7kg





 Natural Plant Formula


  • Uses safe and reliable baby bottle materials in its the wide-necked bottle design to make cleaning easier. Can be safely disinfected and cleaned without producing harmful substances.

   Breast-like Nipple   

  • The soft silicone breast-like nipple design gets close tothe skin andcurves to provide comfort during feeding and support during the transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding.
Skin Friendly & Tear-free
Plant-based Hypoallergenic Ingredients


  • Air is exchanged through a vent in the bottle nipple cap, balance the pressure, effectively reduce the baby flatulence, hiccup and vomiting symptoms.

   360 Degree Gravity Ball   

  • A weighted straw at the bottom allows the baby to drink from any angle.

Fall Proof

Easy to Clean

Handle Grip

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1.What is PPSU? Is it safe for babies to use?

PPSU is short for Polyphenylene sulfone resins, a new safe material. AIWIBI baby feeding bottles and water bottles are made from PPSU, which is BPA-free and can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees. This material is lighter, drop resistant, and does not produce chemical toxins when heated, making it an ideal material for bottles.

2.How do I choose a bottle for my baby?

1. Bottle Capacity

Usually, babies drink 100-120ml of milk in a month. At a little over one month, babies drink between 120-200ml and 800-1000m a day. Mothers can choose different sizes of bottles according to the amount of milk their babies need.

2. Bottle Shape
A round bottle is recommended for babies at three months. During this period, they are mainly fed by their mother. Round bottles can make the liquid flow smoothly into the bottle. For babies over four months old, it is recommended to use curved and circular bottles, which are convenient for babies to grasp, drink from themselves, and exercise their grip strength. Considering that the baby may be unstable when drinking milk, it is recommended to choose a bottle with a handle for the baby, which is convenient for the baby to grasp and drink water from when sitting down.
3. Bottle Material
Plastic bottles are lighter, more resistant to falling, and suitable for newborn babies to use when developing grip strength. Glass bottles are safe and easy to clean, but they are heavier, difficult for the baby to grasp, and easily damaged when dropped. They can also pose a danger to the baby.

3.How should the bottle be cleaned and disinfected after use?
1. After each feeding, the rest of the milk needs to be poured out to prevent the fermentation of milk in the bottle, mildew and bacteria from breeding.
2. After dumping the remaining milk, clean the inner wall of the bottle with a bottle brush to remove milk stains and keep the bottle clean.
3.Cleaning the pacifier requires a special pacifier cleaning brush and must be cleaned carefully.
4.Boil the water, put the bottle into boiling water to boil for 10-15 minutes, then put the pacifier into boiling water to boil for 2-5 minutes on high to disinfect and kill most of the bacteria.
5.After disinfecting, take out and air dry. Be sure to put a lid on the bottle after disinfecting and drying. There will be bacteria and dust in the air. If the pacifier is exposed in the air, bacteria and dust will attach to the pacifier.

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