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Natural Camellia Seed Baby Massage Oil Relaxing and Aid Sleep

Natural plant extract massage oil is able to gently remove scalp dirt and prevent red butt.Massaging the baby's body help soothe the babies' emotions and aid them sleep well, besides, it can also increase appetite and ease discomfort.

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    Mineral oil, parfum.
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    Hot selling in more than 50 countries including Australia, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, China, Dubai, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar

   Natural Camellia Seed Baby Massage Oil Relaxing And Aid Sleep   

Natural Camellia Seed Baby Massage Oil Relaxing And Aid Sleep

- Natural plant extract massage oil.
- Natural camellia oil extracts.
- Nourishing and refreshing.
- Skin-friendly and natural.

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MO100-1 100ml 100ml*12PCS*4Ctns 35*20.8*19.5cm


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 Natural Camellia Seed Oil

   Natural Camellia Seed Oil   

  • Aiwibi baby massage oil is made of natural ingredients, which can effectively calm the baby's mood and help the baby fall asleep.

   Gentle for red butts prevention   

  • Massage the baby's skin, effectively remove the baby's scalp dirt, and promote the baby's metabolism. Nourish the baby's skin and prevent red butts.

Gentle for red butts prevention
Increase baby's appetite

   Increase baby's appetite   

  • Massaging babies can promote their gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve their appetite.

   Relieve children's various discomfort   

  • Massage can increase the baby's sense of security and trust, alleviate the physical discomfort caused by growth, constipation and flatulence, and is conducive to the baby's health.

Relieve children's various discomfort

Natural Camellia Seed Oil
Pacify Mood and Help Sleep
Increase Appetite

Moisturize Skin

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1. Massaging can only be done by professionals?

It is best for parents to massage the baby, because the smell and sound of parents will bring a sense of security and joy to the baby. Of course, parents should first consult professionals to learn the correct techniques and strength, so as not to harm the baby’s health.

2. Massage oil is not needed for baby massage?

The baby's skin is delicate. In addition to light manipulation, parents also need to use massage products, such as Aiwibi baby massage oil, to moisturize and protect baby’s tender skin.

3. Do babies need cleaning after using massage oil?

It depends on the actual situation. The baby massage oil has the moisturizing effect and will be slowly absorbed by the skin during the massage, which can effectively alleviate skin dryness and prevent red butts. However, if too much is applied, it is recommended to wipe the excess massage oil with a soft towel, and use warm water to clean the baby if necessary.

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