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Herbal Extracts Pure Natural Baby Powder Without Talc

Natural high-quality corn starch keeps baby's skin delicate and dry, sweat-absorbing and toning, preventing stickiness, eczema and heat rash. The powder is fine and effectively absorbs excess moisture. No talc powder gives baby multiple care and more protection.

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    Zea mays (corn) starch, magnesium stearate, calamine, silica, zinc oxide, cetylpyridinium chloride, parfum,benzethonium chloride, water, phenoxyethanol, chrysanthellum indicum flower water, ethylhexylglycerin.
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    Hot selling in more than 50 countries including Australia, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, China, Dubai, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar

Herbal Extracts Pure Natural Baby Powder Without Talc

Herbal Extracts Pure Natural Baby Powder Without Talc

- Multi-Function Dusting Powder.
- High quality corn starch + Golden chamomile hydrosol.
- Absorb excess water.
- Cool and dry.

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PR140-1 140g 140g*12PCS*2Ctns 40.4*21*20.7cm


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 Natural Plant Formula

   Specially Made for Delicate Skin   

  • Natural high quality corn starch and golden chamomile extract, gentle and not irritant to baby's skin.

   Keep Skin Soft and Smooth   

  • Absorb excess water and sweat, reduce friction, and quickly eliminate stickiness, to provide the baby with a cool and comfortable feeling.
Skin Friendly & Tear-free
Plant-based Hypoallergenic Ingredients

   Prevent Eczema and Heat Rash   

  • Baby powder has antibacterial and antipruritic effect, which can prevent eczema and heat rash, and relieve skin discomfort and other problems caused by eczema.

Mild and Safe
Cool and Dry
Nature and Talc-free

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1. What kind of baby powder should parents choose?

* Choose corn starch as raw material, natural, safe and harmless.
* Choose those without harmful chemicals added, and gentle and not irritant to the skin.
* Pay attention to the water absorption and sweat absorption of baby powder.
* Choose those with powder puff, which can prevent the powder from flying and the baby from inhaling it accidentally.

2. Can babies use baby powder as soon as they sweat?
No, it's not recommended to use baby powder regularly. Baby powder is easy to form granular substance after absorbing water, easy to block skin pores, resulting in skin redness, harmful to the health of the baby. Always observe the place where the powder applies or it sweat most, and to remove any clump of baby powder in time.

3. Key points to use baby powder.

* After baby baths, use a soft towel to dry the water on the baby’s body before applying powder.
* Aiwibi baby powder is equipped with a special powder puff, which can effectively prevent the powder from flying in the air and effectively avoid the risk of being inhaled by the baby. Do it gently, and appease the baby's mood.
* Powder does not need to be applied to the whole body, to be used in places with flushing and wetting, especially the baby's neck, butt and other wrinkled places, while avoiding close areas to the baby's eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

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