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AIWIBI is the brand of offering a range of baby products to babies worldwide, with significant growth in its reputation, sales networks and satisfaction of hundreds of millions families globally.

In order to achieve our mission ( to create a better worlds for babies ), we are looking for more and more people as you to make difference together, it may change you, your family and lots of others around being better.

To work with Aiwibi, there are a variety of approaches including the followings:

1.To be Aiwibi representative.

Aiwibi is looking for representative worldwide, to take the duties as below:

1) To conduct the market research for aiwibi, and then give report to aiwibi head office.
2) To look for the sales and wholesales of aiwibi brand products.
3) To build up sales network for aiwibi brand products.         
4) To manage the sales network of aiwibi brand products.         
5) To conduct the branding of aiwibi, including the advertisement and promotion.         
6) To protect aiwibi brand from any damage.      
8) To coodinate any conflict between clients if happened.
9) To meet the sales target ( for more, please discuss it with aiwibi salesperson).

2.To be Aiwibi general (not exclusive ) distributor.

Aiwibi Distributor shall use their best efforts to promote the use and sale of Aiwibi products and services to users of the same in the Distributor's primary area of marketing responsibility.

Responsibilities of Aiwibi Distributor. Aiwibi DISTRIBUTOR shall use their best efforts commensurate with their overall business, and shall devote such management, manpower, and time as may be reasonably necessary to conduct a mutually agreed to program to sell and to promote the sale, and other distribution of the Products within the given Territory. 

DISTRIBUTOR shall not be prevented in any way from selling within the Territory similar products or merchandise of other suppliers or manufacturers, provided that Distributor first obtains the prior written approval of Supplier. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing.

3.To be Aiwibi sole distributor.

In addition to general distributor as mentioned above, Aiwibi sole distributor will have the following right and benefits:

1) To get the right of being aiwibi sole distributor. From the date of being agent,any of new clients will be permitted by the agent. If any client contact aiwibi company and/or aiwibi relevent partner companies, the clients information will be forwarded to the agent.  

2) To get special sole distributor price.

3) To get certain percentage of total amount from each order of aiwibi existing clients if available on market.

4) To get special marketing and promotion support from aiwibi.

5) To terminate the cooperation with existing clients. 

Aiwibi existing clients will have continuing cooperation with aiwibi. In this case, the agent will be committed to help, serve and protect the existing clients as mentioned above No 3. However,  the agent can have right to submit the application for terminating the cooperation with the existing clients if a) the existing clients are damaging aiwibi brand, including announcing the negative words for aiwibi brand and related products ; b) The existing clients are not following the price control policy; c) The existing clients are not following the policy for market protection, including conducting the wholesales to some areas where are not permitted for them.

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