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Natural Plant Enzymes Deeper Clean Baby Laundry Liquid

The plant enzyme baby laundry liquid is specially added to help remove effectively the stubborn stains deep in the fabric. It is exclusively designed for children, with a formula of neutral PH and without fluorescent whitening. With cleansing ingredients extracted from plant and blended with camellia essence, it removes deep stains to clean clothes.

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    Water, surfactant, detergent, Camellia extract, softener, enzyme preparation.
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    Hot selling in more than 50 countries including Australia, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, China, Dubai, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar

Natural Plant Enzymes Deeper Clean Baby Laundry Liquid

Natural Plant Enzymes Deeper Clean Baby Laundry Liquid

- Enzyme Baby Laundry Detergents.
- Plant enzymes.
- Deep stain removal.
- No fluorescent brightener.

Item NO Net Content Packing CTN Dimension
LL1000-1 1000ml 1L*12PCS 44*31.8*26.7cm


Loading Quality(Ctns)

12.66kg 12.16kg





 Natural Plant Formula

   Plant Enzymes   

  • Efficient catalytic action, effectively decompose macromolecular stubborn stains, no damage to clothing fiber and protect clothing.

   Deep Stain Removal   

  • Skin-friendly laundry liquid without alkaline residue, designed for stubborn baby milk stains, fruit stains, oil stains and other stains.
Skin Friendly & Tear-free
Plant-based Hypoallergenic Ingredients

   No Fluorescent Brightener or Bleach   

  • No harmful chemicals added, safe and reliable, to protect the health of the baby.

Natural Enzyme Ingredients
Strong Decontamination

Safe Use at Home

No Harmful Chemicals

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1. Why should you use a non-fluorescent brightener, non-bleach baby laundry liquid?

One study finds that contact with fluorescent brightener can cause contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction with symptoms of red, itchy, irritated skin. When you use laundry with bleach too much, it can impact the strength and quality of the fibers over time.

2. Do babies need special laundry liquid?
Yes. Adding pigment, the chemical composition for most adult laundry liquid is not the same, and easy to cause damage to the delicate skin of baby. It is best to choose Aiwibi baby laundry detergent with natural enzymes, no fluorescence and bleach.

3. Is using more laundry liquid better?

Many parents think that, putting more detergent will wash clothes more clean, but this is not the case. Laundry detergent should be added according to the amount of clothes to be washed, otherwise too much detergent will stay on the clothes and contact the baby's skin, which will do some harm to the baby's skin.

4. Can adult clothes and baby clothes be washed together? 

It's best to wash them separately. Parents are exposed to far more stains and bacteria than babies, and babies don’t have as strong resistance as adults. Washing both clothes together is easy to make babies' clothes contaminated with various bacteria, increasing the risk of allergies of babies.

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