Premium Baby Diapers

Premium Breathable Ultra-Light Aiwibi Baby Pants with High Absorption Capacity

Our upgraded version of ultra-thin baby pants gives your baby added comfort without the heaviness of regular baby diaper pants. AIWIBI's newly upgraded ultra-thin diapers can also be easily packed and stacked.
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  • Certificates:

    Dermatest、CE 、FDA、ISO、GMPC、SGS
  • Materials Suppliers:

    Weyerhaeuser Fluff Pulp - USA | Sandia SAP - Japan | Adhesive Glue from Germany
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    AIWIBI Brochure | Wall Poster | Hanging Board | Diaper Showcase | Diaper Models | Note Paper etc.
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    Popularly sold in more than 70 countries including Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, lsrael, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, India, lraq, Guinea, Nigeria, and many more.

Premium Breathable Ultra-Light Aiwibi Baby Pants with High Absorption Capacity

Disposable Premium Ultra Thin & Light Aiwibi Baby Pants With Super Absorbenct Capacity

-Super thin & breathable baby diaper pants.

-Hot air-laid cotton-like topsheet.

-Higher absorption capacity to keep a baby dry overnight.

-The absorbant diaper core expands in length to for better absorbency performance.

-Cloth-like backsheet with high breathability.

-Waterproof leg cuffs with 3D leak guard.-Equipped with ADL layer which diffuses urine faster.

-Wetness indicator to remind parents to replacing the diaper in a timely manner.

-AIWIBI newly upgraded ultra-thin diapers use colorful cartons for packing that can be easily stacked for storage.

-Made of 50% Sumitomo + 50% Sandia SAP (from Japan).

Item No
Size Length Width Baby Weight Weight SAP
M 480mm 390mm 6-11kg 26.8g 10.33g
L 490mm 390mm 9-14kg 29.6g 12.33g
XL 530mm 390mm 12-17kg 31.3g 12.96g
XXL 540mm 390mm 15-21kg
33.1g 14.32g

Large Pack 92 pcs 86 pcs 78 pcs 72 pcs 68 pcs

3D Leak Guard Baby Pants

① Wetness Indicator:

The indicator will remind you to change baby's diaper pants in a timely manner when it turns green.

② Backsheet:

The backsheet is a breathable, soft, and water-proof composite layer, combining non-woven fabric and PE film sheet, to stop leakage from the backside.

③ 3D leakage prevention channels:

Specially designed leak guard to prevent side leakage.

④ Topsheet:

Ultra-soft topsheet offers soft contact with your baby's  delicate skin.

⑤ Stretchable Waistband:

Elastic Waistband for ease of movement for babies.

Super Thin Baby Pants

Additional Diffusion Layer Baby Pants

① Topsheet:

Ultra-soft non-woven fabric gives gentle comfort to babies.

② ADL ( Additional Diffusion Layer):

The structure of the hydrollic non-woven fabric helps quickly diffuse urine and lock away moisture.

③ Core Absorbent Layer:

The ultra-thin, lightweight layer is filled with top brand SAP for powerful absorption capacity.

④ Backsheet:

Made from a combination of non-woven fabric and PE film sheet. Our backsheets are breathable, soft, and water-proof to prevent urine leakage on the backside.

AIWIBI gives the best care for babies by offering premium products.

At AIWIBI, we work hard to source the best quality materials worldwide to create the best possible care for babies.

Top Materials Baby Pants

how to use diapers

How To Use
1.Put your hands through the legs cuffs to stretch the pants and slip the baby'legs through.
2.Pull the waistband up above baby's navel.
3.Check the abdomen and legs to make sure no folds inside.  

How To Take Off
1.Tear the both sides of the baby pant.
2.Pull down the baby pants and roll it up.

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