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Aroma Baby Wet Wipes 50 Pcs

Lavender Water Wipes are made of 99.9% EDl pure water and plant extract, meticulously formulatedfor sensitive skin. Refined through an EDl purification,and infused with organic Lavender extract and springwater naturally sourced from Kulnura. lt is suitable forbabies whose skin is prone to allergy and offers touch, bathing your baby's delicate skin in nature'swarmest hug.
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  • Fragrance:

  • Weight (gsm):

  • Packing:

    Lavender 50 pcs/Strawberry 50 pcs/Lemon 50 pcs
  • Carton Size (L*W*H):

    50 pcs-34*31*25.5 cm
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    AIWIBI Brochure | Wall Poster | Hanging Board | Showcase | Note Paper | AIWIBI Balloon | AIWIBI T-shirt etc.
  • Raw Materials:

    Pure Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glyceryl Caprylate, Citric Acid, Silver Citrate, Glycerin, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Dehydroacetic Acid, Lavender Extract
  • AIWIBI Markets:

    Popularly sold in more than 70 countries including Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, lsrael, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, India, lraq, Guinea, Nigeria, and many more.

Aroma Lavender Baby Wet Wipes 50 Pcs

Lavender Water Wipes are made with natural Australian Kulnura spring water, nitrite-free and low in sodium.

100% Skin-friendly Baby Wet Wipes 20 Pcs

-Made with natural Australian Kulnura spring water, nitrite-free and low in sodium. Gently caring for babies' delicate skin.
-Larger, thicker, and softer wipes offer greater durability and a softer touch.
-Organic natural lavender combined with natural spring water deeply moisturize baby's delicate skin.

-No-running pull design ensures that only one wipe is extracted at a time, suitable for one-hand operation.
-Enriched with a variety of natural fragrances, providing a lasting and refreshing scent experience for your baby.

Item No
Size (cm) Flavour Weight (gsm)



Carton Size (L*W*H)

15*20 Lavender 40 50pcs/bag 34*31*25.5cm 42
15*20 Strawberry 40 50pcs/bag 34*31*25.5cm 42
15*20 Lemon 40 50pcs/bag 34*31*25.5cm 42

Item No
N.W( kg/ctn) G.W (kg/ctn)

Loading Quantity (Ctns)

AWB50-SP-SBY 12.26 12.86 2515(40HQ) 1104(20GP)
AWB50-SP-SBY 12.26 12.86 2515(40HQ) 1104(20GP)
AWB50-SP-SBY 12.26 12.86 2515(40HQ) 1104(20GP)

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