Are low-fat or fat-free foods better for babies? Mar 14 , 2022
Q: Are low-fat or fat-free foods better for babies?
A: Fat is an important part of a balanced diet and plays a vital role in babies’ physical and mental development. Low-fat diets should not be the main goal for preschoolers under the age of 5. 
Studies have shown that low-fat diets may actually lead to weight gain, especially when the fat in the baby’s diet is replaced by added sugar. Therefore, parents should try to get their babies to eat as much healthy fat as possible, instead of trying to cut fat from their babies’ diet. 
The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that a baby’s daily fat intake should be less than 30 percent of total dietary calories, with saturated fat intake not exceeding one-third of total fat intake. After the age of two, babies should eat some saturated fat and low-fat foo, such as replacing whole milk with low-fat milk, and eating more more fish, poultry and lean meat that are low in fat and cholesterol.