Congratulations to AIWIBI Pure Water Baby Wet Wipes on Passing the Dermatest Certification With an "Excellent" Rating Jan 18

        AIWIBI has invested more energy in providing better skin care for babies, whether in diapers or wipes, using better ingredients and more advanced technology, to care for the healthier and safer growth of the world's babies and to keep their skin in the best possible condition.
        AIWIBI has expanded on this foundation to developed AIWIBI 99.91% purified water baby wipes.
        Aiwibi 99.91% purified water baby wipes, with pure and simple ingredients, is ideal for a deeper, and more effective cleansing. The most delicate skin of babies needs a pure and gentle wipe to avoid any chemicals in the mouths and any bacteria remaining after use, and also to protect nappy rash. The clinically-tested wipes, have been making efforts to achieve the highest of purified water and the lowest of chemical ingredients.

        · 99.91% Purified Water
        · With plant extract, Pure and Simple Ingredients.
        · Extra Strong & Ultra Soft and Super Absorbency
        · No Artificial Fragrance, Parabens, or Sulfates
        · Anti-Bacterial 100% Soap Free
        · Friendly to Sensitive, Allergy and Eczema Prone Skin

        Dermatest® was founded in 1978 by a German dermatologist as an independent scientific research institute. Its mission is to assess the efficacy and safety of all products that make contact with the skin's surface. The Dermatest® Institute is able to accurately measure product efficacy and safety thanks to the scientific, dermatological, and biological methods used in intensive clinical studies.
        AIWIBI has undergone extensive time planning and specialized specific tests by Dermatest® to investigate and monitor the efficacy, safety of use, and tolerability of AIWIBI wipes products over time, and we are honored to have received the 5-star seal by Dermatest® for tests conducted in accordance with these criteria. This demonstrates that AIWIBI is confident that our wipes will not elicit intolerant reactions from potential buyers and users.
        Be assured that AIWIBI will continue to strive to provide more reassuring and safer products for babies.