AIWIBI Baby Diaper's Leg Cuff with Flat Edge Dec 22

Two Advantages :

1.Provide Comfort for Baby’s Delicate Skin
2. Prevent Urine Leakage

As is known, baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. Babies need diapers after they were born . For the ordinary baby diapers available on market,most of the leg cuffs have not flat edge which are very abrasive . It is much easier to hurt baby’s delicate skin when they moves . It is important for mother to choose skin friendly &soft baby diapers that prevents the baby from scratching and better care for t baby’s skin .

AIWIBI premium baby diapers have always been being committed to providing babies with excellent performance in baby products quality . AIWIBI baby diaper’s leg cuff adopts 3D elastic leak guard with flat edge design .The elastic leak guard with flat edge can reduce the friction between the diaper and the baby's skin, prevents the baby from scratching, and cares for the baby's delicate skin, especially while baby is moving .It can increase the contact surface with the baby, fits the baby's skin much closer to prevent urine leakage from two - side leg cuff .

AIWIBI is on the way to be your first and best choice by always offering more than your expectation.