Why Choose 2pcs Baby Pants Dec 16

In recent years, the demand for excellent shape & breathable pull-up pants has been growing rapidly; mean while, the competition has become increasingly fierce. To upgrade in structure and quality, the baby pants have changed from three-piece to two-piece for more comfort to babies and less possibility of leaking.

In the perspective of structure, traditionally the three-piece pull-up pants consist of inner top sheet, back sheet and waistband; in short, it concludes diaper and waistband which can be separated easily, which does not fit the human body closely, and consequently may give rise to the uncomfortable feeling and urine leaking while worn .

In contrast, based on market demand, AIWIBI continues to innovate and upgrade its two-piece premium pull-up pants which consist of two pcs comprised of inner top sheet and back sheet only, and elastic waistband is on the same part of fabric; in other words,the back sheet and waistband is getting together as a whole. The purpose of this change is to make AIWIBI higt quality baby pants fit the baby’s body structure closely and comfortably. It is like triangle pants .The front part is smaller and the back part is bigger, which fits the baby's body shape better, and can be adjusted when the baby moves, which help pants leak guard system closely tighten to baby’s body to better prevent leaking. Furthermore, There are 6 pcs of the elastic bands on the bottom to hold the diaper to avoid dropping after absorption .(see picture below)The two sides leg cuff has elastic bands can prevent urine leakage from both sides.