Why Choose AIWIBI Ultra-thin Diaper Dec 09

Features:   1. Breathable to avoid rash

2. Ultra Light to give Comfortable Feeling for Baby

3. No Clumping during all time of use.

Babies need diapers after they were born . As is known, baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. For the ordinary baby diapers available on market, most of them are very thick and heavy especially after urinated, it will give big difficulty for baby while moving around, which may cause rashes and redness on baby’s skin. It is important for mother to choose diapers that absorb urine quickly , keep dry to keep baby's butt at all times and reduce the possibility of having rash, and also make the baby feel very comfortable, as if they are wearing a pair of pants, they can move freely without restriction.

AIWIBI skin friendly & breathable baby diapers have always been being committed to providing babies with excellent performance in super absorption, softness,dryness and cost-effective features . AIWIBI newly upgraded ultra thin and soft baby diapers which specifically address the three significant issues    about “thin, light and tender” . Starting from the performance of raw materials, the product has been innovated in the functional structure to make the product itself thinner and softer. The absorption speed is super fast, and the diversion effect is doubled. AIWIBI new ultra-thin diapers greatly speed up the absorption of urine and reduce the contact time between urine and baby’s skin, thereby decreasing in the time for urine on baby’s skin and consequently protecting the babies from red buttocks.

Best and breathable  diapers and pants takes use of Super Absorption Core with special structure for the fantastic function of absorbency ( see picture above) . Also, hot air -laid super tender topsheet is breathable and ultra soft finishing touch . Non clumping can give baby comfortable feeling .Therefore,AIWIBI baby diapers have been quickly becoming the popular and wisdom of choice for many mothers worldwide.