AIWIBI Booms In Thailand After Live Shows Nov 19

Streaming Live Show is a kind of real-time interaction, where watchers have a strong sense of participation, and become a good way to introduce a product to customers. Just through the shows, AIWIBI in Thailand has vividly brought the advantages and characteristics of its top quality soft  baby diapers and pull-up pants to the customers. Meanwhile, the tests on the absorption are done in their shows, allowing the consumers to witness the super absorbent properties of AIWIBI diapers and eco disposable training pants , which are dry and comfortable. Skin-friendly, breathable and safe, AIWIBI high- quality diapers have been fully recognized by the maternal market in Thailand, and become the best choice for mothers when choosing diapers for their babies. Every live show of AIWIBI in Thailand has attracted thousands of mothers to watch. The streamer interacts with the fans in real time, and answer their questions, which always brings booming orders. With premium quality and affordable price, AIWIBI products has been unanimously commended and recognized by the mothers in the live show, who are enthusiastically sharing their feelings about the disposable soft  baby  diapers they use.