AIWIBI Skin-friendly Baby Wipes Jan 13

Baby wipes are special wipes for babies. The baby's skin is very delicate and prone to allergies. Unsuitable wet wipes repeatedly stimulate the baby's small butt that is easily to cause red butt , and it can also avoid the embarrassment of getting poop on your hands because the wet wipes are too thin.Therefore , it is important for mothers to choose suitable baby wipe for babies .

AIWIBI skin-friendly baby wipe is not only thick, hypoallergenic and skin friendly but also alcohol-free and no chemical ingredients  It has different scents , strawberry,vanilla, natural tea tree oil , unscented, etc. with fresh smell . Bamboo fiber baby wet wipes take use of spunlace non-woven bamboo fabirc which is 100% degradable and more environmentally friendly . Its package color is green with higher recognition.

AIWIBI super soft baby wipes also have multiple plastic lids for baby wipes including the koala plastic lid foe 80 pcs-pack and the regular plastic lid for 80 pcs-pack , as well as the portable baby wipes for 20 pcs pack. Koala plastic lid is generous and looking very premium, repeated koala flip lid is dust-proof and pollution-free . In the perspective of fabric,The first one is with flat pattern, which fibers are straightly parallel laying, and then easily stretched and always used for economic type of wipes,; By contrast, the other one is with pearl pattern, which is a semi-cross process, which is not easily deformed by vertically and horizontally pulling .(Picture as below)