Can babies be vaccinated in advance or delayed? May 09 , 2022

Q: Can babies be vaccinated in advance or delayed?

A: Vaccinations given in advance may not produce enough immunity for your baby. Some vaccines also require a certain period between different doses, and an short interval may also lead to ineffective vaccination of the next dose.

While delaying vaccination means that the vaccine does not protect your baby as well as it could before the full dose is completed, so the baby will be at an increased risk of contracting diseases compared to completing the full vaccination.

But sometimes when the baby is sick and the vaccine is out of stock, what should parents do if the baby can not be vaccinated in time?

There is no need to worry too much about this situation, as it is not a big problem to delay the vaccination for a few days, and it is usually enough to make up the full dose as soon as possible, and the effect of prevention will not be affected after the full vaccination is completed.