Do newborns need pillows? Jul 11 , 2022

Q: Do newborns need pillows?

A: Baby care experts pointed out that during the 0-3 months of infancy, babies can not sleep on pillows. The reasons are listed as follows:

1. The newborn’s spine is straight and has not yet formed a physiological bending. When lying flat, their back and back of the head are on the same plane, which will not cause muscle tension and lead to stiff neck;

2. The head of the newborn is large, almost equal to the shoulder width, and it is natural to sleep flatly and sideways without pillows;

3. The neck of the newborn is very short, and if the head is padded high, babies can feel very uncomfortable. Besides, it is easy to form head and neck bending, which affects the breathing and swallowing of the newborn, and even leads to accidents.