Q: How can parents tell whether the baby needs burp? Mar 28 , 2022

Q: How can parents tell whether the baby needs burp?

A: When the baby eats air during milk feeding, it usually shows up soon, such as spitting up or crying. Some babies may also drink less than usual, for example, they can drink two bottles of milk, but they only eat one bottle and stop drinkingAll of these behaviors indicate that the baby may eat the air and need to burp. In most cases, after burping, the baby will become quiet and continue to drink milk or sleep quietly.

In addition, it should be noted that most breastfed babies have a less chance of eating air than formula-fed babies, because breastfed babies will adjust their own drinking speed in the process of breastfeeding. Besides, if the mother’s milk is flowing too fast, the baby will also be prone to eat air. In this case, it is better for the mother to lie down to feed the baby.