World Earth Day: Tips for Protecting Our Only Planet Apr 22 , 2022

Today is the 53rd World Earth Day, with the theme of Invest in Our Planet. There is only one earth, hence it is of great need for all the human beings to protect and cherish our home, so as to make the world a better place to live in. Lets start from trivial things in our daily life.

1. Turn off the lights whenever they are not in use to conserve the energy.

2. Travel by public transport rather than private cars to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

3. Take the reusable cloth bags instead of plastic ones when shopping in the mall or supermarket.

4. Choose environmental-friendly products for daily use, AIWIBI Bamboo Baby Diapers and AIWIBI Bamboo Baby Wet Wipes are both good options.

5. Participate in volunteer activities, for instance, planting trees, cleaning a park or simply coming up with ways you can preserve mother Earth.