Vietnam Expo Summary Sep 18

The Vietnam Expo 2019 has successfully finished. Looking back on the experience of the exhibition, we have gained a lot. In the course of communication with some of our counterparts from other countries, we fully understood the current situation and the prospect of the baby products market in different countries. At the same time, through the conversation with the visitors, we also realized the differences of the baby products demand in each country's market. These valuable information and experiences will be crucial while we are making our global market strategies.

Through this expo, we not only obtained various of important information, the promotion of products has also achieved satisfactory results. Thanks to the efforts of our marketing and sales team, our products and services have been well praised by our visitors, and some of the them have reached the cooperation intention with us. We are very glad that our products can be recognized by the distributors in many countries, and we believe that our products will also be recognized by the consumers in different markets.