7 Essential Baby Products To Buy During Lockdown Jun 25

Ensure your baby's health and nourishment needs are taken care of during the Coronavirus lockdown.

With most of the world in Coronavirus quarantine, supplies of essential goods like food products and toiletries have reached a trickle. Explaining the situation to a house of adults is still understandable but that isn't possible when you have a little one. An emergency protocol and global pandemic cannot be explained to an infant or toddler. All one can do is provide for them. During this time of crisis, it may not be possible to get your hands on every kind of baby product but the very essentials are mandatory for your baby to stay nourished and hygienic. During the COVID-19 lockdown, these 7 baby products are essential for your little one.

1. Instant Food

Instant food mixes are a clever solution for difficult times like these. They require minimal additions like milk or water to make a complete meal. In times when food supplies are running low, this is a great choice.

2. Hand Wash

Hand wash has become increasingly important, for adults and kids alike. Young children may not be aware of when they put their hands in their mouth or what surfaces they come in contact with so keeping their hands clean is necessary.

3. Baby Powder

Don't let hot summer days leave their tender skin with prickly heat and diaper rashes. Keep them cool and dry through the sweltering heat with a generous dusting of baby powder.

4. Multipurpose Wash

When you have a baby crawling through the house, you never know when their toys will land in their mouth. Hygiene is imperative, whether it's with the fruits and vegetables they are consuming or toys they play with. A multipurpose wash will keep them free of germs.

5. Mosquito Repellent

This also happens to be the season in which mosquitoes abound. If you're worried about trusting a cream or lotion for baby's delicate skin, a mosquito repellent band could keep the pests away without affecting their skin.

6. Hand Sanitizer

We know how important hand sanitizers are right now. When you cannot get kids to a sink at that moment in time, having a sanitizer is handy to protect from germs and keep them healthy.

7. Fruit Puree

Quick and tasty without any effort necessary; that's reason enough to stock up on fruit puree. It's a healthy choice