AIWIBI Cares for Children with Autism Nov 09

By our side, there is a group of children: they never look at you even with clear eyes; they have sensitive hearing but always turn a deaf ear to the call of their parents; they have pure souls, but they are lonely In the nightmare we can't perceive, it seems that they were the stars in sky with long distance away from this world, and accidentally falling into the world. They also have a special name-"Children with Autism". They need our deep understanding,meticulous care & pure love, and then to slowly open their closed hearts, maybe life will be different from now on!

In order to raise people’s attention to autism and related research and diagnosis, as well as people with autism, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in December 2007. Since 2008, April 2 of each year has been designated as “World Autism (Autism) Symptom) Concern Day". April 2, 2021 is the 14th World Autism Day. The theme of this year's World Autism Day is: Work together to focus on and eliminate barriers to education and employment for people with autism. Call on the whole society to work together, pay attention to obstacles, eliminate them, and protect the rights of autistic people to survive and develop.

AIWIBI from Australia AIWIBI Baby Care Pty Ltd. has long been concerned about the healthy growth of children with autism,This event is also actively sponsored baby wipes baby diapers & baby pants to the children . The children are angels, the treasures of every family. Looking at his innocent smile, we wish them all recover as soon as possible and live a happy and happy life as a normal person .