The Growing Demand for Flushable Wet Wipes Nov 04

As the world's environmental pollution is increasingly getting serious , and people's awareness of environmental protection continues to enhance, people begin to make rational purchases and meanwhile pay more attention to the environmentally friendly products. To take the wet wipes as example, flushable wet wipes are getting more and more popular , because it can be 100% biodegradable feature with significant convenience to allow throwing it into toilets after use, which can be passing through the sewage treatment system and also can be used as useful soil amendments, rather than just becoming landfills in garbage dumps.

Nowadays, convenience is a common requirement of people, and environmental pollution poses a huge threat to the civilized world. The ordinary wet wipes made of non-woven fabric still take the major market share, but it has huge problem because the wipes will basically contains a lot of bacteria after use, which can not be recyclable, flushable and reusable. It only can be directly discarded in the waste paper basket and easily causes bacteria to grow, which may bring the risk of illness, and make the smell of the bathroom worse. The flushable wet wipes can solve the troubles .

Recently, AIWIBI baby wet wipes launched one type with flushable fabric material, which is comprised of 20% viscose + 80% fluff pulp. As always , Aiwibi is devoting to the environmental protection for achieving the sustainable development.