AIWIBI Donation for Haiti People Oct 28

Recently, AIWIBI has donated to Haitian churches baby diapers and wet wipes , sending care and warmth to the babies in need. Haiti is a very poor country. One-third of the families need to work hard to get clean and dry diapers for their children, who also need meticulous care and grow up healthy and happy!

As an international brand, AIWIBI products are popularly sold all over the world. Meanwhile, it does not forget its original mission and keeps promoting excellent corporate culture;it actively fulfills its social responsibilities to conveys the true love of selfless dedication. With the selfless care from AIWIBI, those families will surely increase their confidence and determination in life to take better care of their children.

The diapers and wipes donated by AIWIBI are deeply loved by the local people in Haiti. The diapers have good absorption capacity and dry & comfortable surface. Super soft and skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and non-irritating, the diapers provide endless comfort to the baby’s tender skin.With AIWIBI diaper, the baby can move freely.   Without alcohol or preservatives added , AIWIBI baby wipe is a natural, gentle and non-irritating one, which is super soft and skin-friendly. AIWIBI will continue to explore the needs of the local market in Haiti, and to provide babies with initiative high-quality baby products. We sincerely hope our donation will bring more meticulous care to the babies of Haitian churches! We are sending our  best wishes that the babies of Haiti grow up healthy and happy!