New Launch for AIWIBI Ultra-thin Baby Diapers and Pants Oct 21


1. Packed by attractive colorful boxes.

2. Longer absorption core.

3. Higher absorption capacity.

AIWIBI , from Australia Aiwibi Baby Care Pty Ltd , specializes in providing the best products for babies . The core value of AIWIBI is to be innovation,reliability and responsibility. AIWIBI constantly insights maternal and child market's new needs and develops high-quality maternal and child products. Baby nappies accompany babies day and night .Therefore, it needs soft and comfortable finishing touch to give baby meticulous care . Let baby's butt breathe freely and move comfortably .

As people's demand for high-quality maternal and infant products gradually increase, competition in the high-end market is becoming increasingly fierce. AIWIBI is continually looking for a new breakthrough. It is a great news that AIWIBI solemnly launched an upgraded version of ultra-thin baby diapers that are highly breathable and super soft with excellent absorption performance to provide meticulous care for baby's delicate skin. The ultra-thin series not only adds a lace design, but also solves the traditional diapers troubles in terms of the tightness of waistband. The upgraded version of ultra-thin baby diapers bring baby a more comfortable feeling. In addition, the full absorbent core of the diaper becomes longer, it help achieve better absorbency performance. Moreover, AIWIBI newly upgraded ultra-thin diapers take use of special colorful carton for packing that can be stacked easily in such places as aisle of shipping centers. As is known,comparing with the plastic packages , the color box is 100% biodegradable and then environmentally friendly.