The Potential Growth of Baby Diaper Pants Oct 15

With the improvement of people's living standard, the maternity and infant products & services is glowingly demanded in terms of not only the variety of products and comfortable shopping environment, but also the meticulous services. In the past two years, the high-end market segment has been continually contributing to this phenomenon. In the circumstance of upgrade in the consumption and diversification, the market is forced to changing  continuously. In the new competition trend, the premium quality products are likely to be acceptable . The high-end trend of maternal and infant consumption has been obviously acknowledged.

In recent years, affected by a series of factors such as the rise of the mobile Internet and the upgrading of consumption levels, the maternal and infant market has gradually expanded. Under this circumstance, infant food, supplies, toys and baby skin care have all achieved the growth of varying magnitudes. According to the online sales investment ,it shows that diapers have become the category with the largest online sales amount in the diaper sub-category.

However, from the perspective of sales growth, pull up pants have become a major growth item, with an online growth rate of over 300%. Now people prefer to purchase the baby diaper pants. Compared with baby nappies, the way of putting on and taking off is more convenient and comfortable . It can save mothers' time, and the baby is also more convenient to move freely . Therefore, it has become a sub-category with growth potential.

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