The Demand for Maternal and Child Consumer Market Oct 13

According to the report "2021 Maternal and Child Consumer Market Trend Insights" released by iResearch, young parents born in the 90s have a more detailed demand for complementary foods. The role of complementary foods for babies has gradually changed from the past "helping babies learn to eat" to become a "supply for baby's health."

How to correctly add high-quality complementary food to infants and young children is a significant demand of the new generation of parents. As the baby's complementary food, it is of course the most concerned about safety, by nutrition. Compared with baby industry standards, infant-standard products will be more stringent in terms of process production, safety and hygiene, testing & inspection, and nutrition fortification, which is only one principle for choosing raw products such as whole grains, fish, eggs, and milk. The more natural, fresh, and less processed foods, the healthier the food without additives. Of course, more parents will also consider factors such as origin, transportation, organic certification or other certifications.

Mothers not only pay attention to safety when choosing complementary foods for their babies, but also attach great importance to the safety and comfort of the products when choosing baby products such as baby diapers, baby pull up pants and baby wipes for their babies to take care of their baby's health and happy growth.