The Change of Maternal and Child Market Oct 11

The mobile Internet has been changing many industries, and the maternal and infant market is one of them. The "China Internet Maternal and Child Market Research Report for the First Half of 2020" released by the third-party data research institution BigData-Research predicts that mobile users for maternal and child products will reach 320 million in 2022, with a growth rate of 52.4%.

The new economy represented by Internet retail and e-commerce live broadcasts is shaping the consumption scenarios and formats of the traditional maternal and infant market, driving the expansion of the maternal and infant market, and accelerating the online and offline integration of the industrial chain. In this context, it is accelerating the integrated layout of online and offline industrial chains.

Nowadays, the main market in the population of mothers and infants is mainly born after 85/90. In addition, the post-95 generation, which accounts for 11%, is expected to become a high-potential group of mothers and infants. The characteristics of this type of main maternal and infant consumer group are: "Children are generally the center . Compared with price, they pay more attention to safety and quality when they purchase.” Therefore, from the perspective of consumer products, the daily expenses of mothers and infants are not only limited to just-needed supplies such as washing, toys, milk powder, disposable baby nappiesbaby diapers pants and baby wet wipes, but also early education and parent-child services.