AIWIBI Portable Baby Wet Wipes Feb 28

Portable Baby Wipes VS Home Pack Baby Wet Wipes

With the development of the economy, growing attention has been paid to the quality of life. And convenience has become a major requirement in people’s daily life. Young parents often care more about portability and ease of use when choosing baby products as they don’t want one more thing to take up their limited bag space. That’s where convenience shows its importance. To take baby wet wipes as an example,the traditional home pack baby wet wipes are characterized by big, heavy and inconvenient package.In contrast, the portable baby wet wipes are becoming popular among young parents for the following advantages.

Portable baby wet wipes is the miniature version of home baby wet wipes which is lighter, smaller and easier to carry. Compared to home pack wet wipes, the package size of portable pack is as small as the size of a mobile phone. It can be put into any kind of hand bag or pocket, making it easier for young moms to care their babies during outside time. The weight of portable pack is so light that parents won’t feel the existence of it when they carry it outside. The next difference is that the portable pack do not have a plastic lid on top of the package.Instead, a waterproof stickers that can be repeatedly refastened is used to prevent the wipes liquid being lost, and keep the wipes being properly moisturized.

Why Choose AIWIBI Portable Baby Wet Wipes

AIWIBI portable baby wet wipes is not only thick, hypoallergenic, and skin friendly but also alcohol-free and contains no chemical ingredients. And in the perspective of fabric, AIWIBI portable baby wet wipes is made with pearl pattern, which is not easily deformed by vertical and horizontal pulling.