Comparison Between AIWIBI Baby Diapers and Pants Feb 24

Differences Between AIWIBI Baby Diapers and Pants
For most of novice parents, they may not know enough about baby care products, so it is difficult for them to distinguish between baby diapers and pants. Some typical differences between them will be discussed by taking AIWIBI baby diapers and pants as examples.
(1) Structures
The most obvious difference between diapers and pants lies in the design of waistband. For baby diapers, frontal Velcro tapes and backward waistband are designed to suit the baby’s body shape best, while baby pants use the whole elastic waistband without Velcro tapes, which look like briefs.
Differences also reflect in their functions. Skin-friendly baby diapers are generally designed for the newborns or younger babies, and they are more suitable for babies to use at night or during naps. While baby pants are generally used for older babies when they are able to will sit, climb and walk, and it can be used during the day or going outdoors for they more convenient to wear and take off. 
On the one hand, the baby diapers can be suit the size of the baby’s waist better, which will make them more comfortable; On the other hand, the streatchable baby pants can be easily worn or taken off with better elasticity, thus babies can move more flexibly.