How to Change Baby Diapers Mar 17

First time being a parent? Changing diapers for newborns sometime may be really messy and troublesome if parents don’t have such experience before. But there is no need to worry about diaper changing. Here are some must-know tips for how to change diapers correctly.

1)Lay your baby flat the bed and take off the dirty diaper. Roll up the dirty diaper and be careful not to touch the inner dirty surface. And then remember to pack the dirty diaper with a plastic bag before throwing it into the trash can, which can effectively prevent odor.

2)Wash your baby’s butt with warm water, pay special attention to the folds of on the butt, as they are more likely to breed bacteria. Parents can use a soft wet towel or baby wipes, such as AIWIBI Baby Wet Wipes, which are skin-friendly, chemicals and alcohol free and will not cause allergic reactions to babies. But remember to wipe from front to back to avoid infection.

3)Raise your baby’s legs carefully and place a new diaper under his body. Parents should note that the side with elastic waistband is on the back. Once you’re sure the direction is correct, lift the front part of the diaper and gently place it over the baby’s stomach.

4)Lift the two magic tapes on both side of the diaper and stick the tape onto the front sticking area of the diaper. Don’t fasten the diaper too tightly or too loosely either. You should be able to put two fingers between the diaper and the stomach if the diaper is worn properly.

5)Readjust the diaper to fit the baby’s body shape well so that all parts of the diaper are close to the baby’s skin and that there are no bumps or folds on the surface of the diaper, otherwise it may cause frictional discomfort and leakage.

Now your baby is ready to go! Practice makes perfect. For more details, please check AIWIBI WEBSITE.