Say Goodbye to Bacteria: Tips to Clean Baby's Toys Mar 14

The baby is more likely to suck or bite their toys when playing with them, which might cause illness. Hence it is of great significance to keep those toys as clean and tidy as possible. Here are some tips to clean baby’s toys.

How to Clean Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys may look cute and appealing, but they are inclined to breed bacteria and contain dust mites. It is a common sense that the more often you wash them, the safer they are likely to be. One thing parents should keep in their mind is to clean stuffed toys after your baby getting sick. So how to clean them properly? Wash stuffed toys with boiling water and put them under the sun for enough time. Boiling water can kill only a limited number of bacteria, so the toys should be dried completely using high-temperature ultraviolet rays to make sure no bacteria has been left.

How to Clean Plastic Toys

Before the baby reaches out for a new plastic toy, parents should wash it thoroughly with boiling water and dry it. Besides, parents should always remember to clean the toy with baby wet wipes each time before babies play with it. AIWIBI Baby Wet Wipes, which are featured by hypoallergenic, skin-friendly and alcohol-free, provide the best and meticulous care for babies.