Tips for Sound Sleep of Babies at Night Mar 11
1.Pay Attention to Baby’s Diet

The newborns are prone to the problem of abdominal flatulence coupled with indigestion for their body organs are not fully developed, which is likely to result in crying when their stomachs feel uncomfortable at bedtime. It is suggested that parents should avoid food that cause flatulence, such as beans. In addition, parents can do soothing exercises for their babies after meals to help them digest.

2.Pay Attention to Baby’s Clothing

The infants are too young to express their own thermal sensation, hence parents should dress their children in appropriate clothes to avoid the problem of sweating or catching cold. Besides, Parents should also pay attention to the baby’s sleeping clothes should not be too tight and thick, or the baby may feel uncomfortable when sleeping. In this way, they can only cry to express their discomfort, so it is recommended to dress babies loose clothes when sleeping.

3.Change Baby’s Diaper Before Bedtime

Although strong absorbent baby diapers can effectively absorb your baby’s urine and feces, if they stick to the baby’s butt all night after absorption, it will inevitably make your baby feel uncomfortable. It is recommended to change the diaper for the baby before sleeping, so that the baby can enjoy sound sleep while preventing side leakage at night due to absorption saturation .