Good News: AIWIBI Brand Is Increasingly Welcomed Mar 25

Amarin Baby & Kids Fair was kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand yesterday, which will last for 4 days from 24th to 27th. AIWIBI, an Australia high-end baby care brand, was invited to participate in the exhibition. On the first day of the fair, there was an endless stream of customers in front of AIWIBI booth, and the staff patiently introduced the products to the customers who came to consult. In addition, our mascot, the little koala, also came to help. The lovely koala greeted everyone cordially and was warmly welcomed by many visitors and children.

In the pasts, AIWIBI baby care products have achieved sound development momentum and high reputation in Thailand market. Besides, we have reached a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with local distributors, working together to providing high-quality, comfortable and safe products for all babies, so as to guard their healthy growth.