The Research for Global Low Fertility Sep 30

Beijing, July 11, 2021 - on the occasion of World Population Day, the United Nations Population Fund representatives and the Population Research Institute of Peking University jointly organized the conference press to release the reports on the research of global low fertility , the decrease in the demand of baby products including disposable baby diapers, baby pants & baby foods, and the related proposed solution.

The two reports, entitled as "Proposed Solution For Low Fertility " and " The determinants For  Low Fertility ", are part of the series of UNFPA working papers on population and development. Based on global experience research, the two reports show the experience of developed countries and regions in coping with low fertility.

"Although low fertility and population aging first appeared in developed countries, they are increasingly becoming a topic of common concern in many countries," said Dr. Jia Guoping, the senior program officer for population and development of the UNFPA representative in China.

Two reports show that many countries are facing low fertility, individuals do not achieve their ideal number of children. This shows that they are unable to realize their reproductive rights. The underlying reasons are complex, in which a series of social, cultural and economic factors are the determinants of low fertility.